• Valley Glen Spring Festival Library & Book Giveaway!
  • The Literacy Club Ohio Offices Get A Library!
  • Ashtabula County Court House – a BACA & The Literacy Club Collaboration
  • West Traffic 3/16/16
  • Upland Police Department Little Free Library 1/25/2016

The Literacy Club’s Latest Chapters

We have had a busy month!

Our co-founder Douglas has been busy book seeding libraries in the local area.  So far he has visited over a dozen little libraries (some we built and some that other stewards had built) #bookseeding

Upland june 2016 valley glen june 2016 Reseda june 2016pasadena june 2016

Douglas also had a blast having lunch with Todd Bol (Exec Director of Little Free Library).  Pretty sure there was a lot of brainstorming and laughter!  We love spending time with Todd and appreciate all of his support for what we are doing to “Inspire Communities One Book at a Time”

doug & todd june 201`6

In The News

Some  great follow-up coverage of our LAPD West Traffic Library we unveiled on 3/16/16.  Thank you LA This Week for the doing the piece and sharing it!


Front page article in the Star Beacon paper about the library we unveiled on 4/21/16 in partnership with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) [www.bacaworld.org].  It was presented to the Ashtabula County Courthouse in Jefferson, Ohio.  First ever in a courthouse!




The Power of Books

I would like to give some context where our passion @ The Literacy Club comes from. This is my reading “aha” moment.
I know firsthand about how reading can create change. I was homeless as a child here in the greater Los Angeles area. Sure that was hard and came with a lot of challenges, but I was given a great opportunity when my parents adopted me as a teenager. Along with getting to know me, getting me set for school, buying new clothes and learning about me; one of the first things they did was hand me books – The Chronicles of Narnia and said “read”.

I knew how to read. Reading was how I stayed in school and no one noticed I was homeless and I could keep my grades up. Before this moment, reading was just a task. When my parents gave me this series of books and told me to go read it was the first time in my life I could remember ever being given the chance to read for fun. I started to read, and at around 100 pages I disappeared into the story. All of a sudden I was not concerned about how I looked, what challenges I had ahead – at that moment I just wanted to go hang out with that Lion and jump through that wardrobe.

That was when I realized through reading (whether to dream, escape, learn something new or experience something different) I could defy my circumstances. Of course, everyone’s circumstances have an influence in their personal definition, but circumstance DO NOT have to be our definition.

My reading “aha” moment was when I realized that I had the power to create the definition of my life. Because I knew then, that no matter what was going on around me or within me, I could grab a book – escape, learn a new skill, discovery a new land or be inspired.
Reading now became a tool that I used enhance my life! Along my journey I looked for opportunities to inspire others to read, dream, believe or imagine. Whether this was through charity efforts or mentoring, the goal was the same – challenge and inspire others to believe beyond and be bigger than the moment! I continue those efforts in everything we do at The Literacy Club. Who knows, maybe one of our libraries we build or books we distribute will create someone else’s Reading “Aha” Moment!

– Jean Chadwick (Co-Founder/Executive Director The Literacy Club)

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Master Builder's Corner

Master Builder's Corner

Coming soon!

Being Stewards

The Literacy Club™ doesn’t just build a library and leave it, we stay connected to each library and location. We are always ready to help with replenishing new books or doing maintenance to keep the library looking great so it can continue to inspire. Check out some of the recent restocking and maintenance the team has done.