• The Literacy Club Headquarters – Inside Out Library & New Bench (9/24/17)
  • Horton Hears A Who – Burbank, CA (July 27, 2017)
  • More Libraries w/San Bernardino County Probation (July 10, 2017)
  • Is That A Doggy In The Window? – Geneva, IL (May 20, 2017)
  • Beach Themed Library – From Pismo Beach to Nebraska (May 19, 2017)

The Literacy Club’s Latest Chapters


December 2017

Books & spreading some holiday cheer.  The team gave away over 1,000 books to several events and our co-founders once again pulled out the red suits and transformed into Santa & Mrs Claus.   Lots of smiles & hugs were had  by all and we look forward to even more next year.  This year we supported events at LAPD Van Nuys; LAPD Rampart; USC Public Safety Breakfast with Santa and Councilman Paul Krekorian’s Holiday Toy Drive.

October 2017

Halloween &  Seeding Book Deserts ™  we consider that a win (as well as a lot of fun!).  The team had an awesome time giving away lots of books and candy.  It’s our 3rd Annual Halloween Book Giveaway (we happen to also give away some candy!).   Whether they were wearing scary or fun costumes, it was lots of smiles & 100’s of happy people (kids and adults) who got a free book (or 2).

This year we partnered with Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council (https://www.greatervalleyglencouncil.org/) and gave away over 500 books in 3 hours!


September 2017

Did we mention that we LOVE  Seeding Book Deserts ™ !   We really do and thanks to ongoing partnership with Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council (https://www.greatervalleyglencouncil.org/) we were able to distribute even more books at local community events.  This last one the local city councilmember Paul Krekorian came out to help us celebrate community & literacy.  We were handing out books into the early evening …  we are always happy for any chance we get to invest in Literacy!


August 2017

The focus in August was all about Seeding Book Deserts ™ !  We partnered with some amazing organizations to help fund 5 pallets of books!  Thanks to Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council (https://www.greatervalleyglencouncil.org/) and Hangar 24 Charities (http://www.hangar24charities.org/) for their amazing donations.  With their help we were able to distribute over 4,000 books to kids.

Thanks to some awesome volunteers Emma Stone, Timo Kale, Christopher Pollard and Laurie Kaltenmeier we were able to sort through all the pallets and organize the books so they would be ready to distribute.

Next, we loaded up our truck and headed out to Redlands to restock the Mobile Book Trailer that we built for Redland’s Police Department.

Then the team decided to stop by Upland Police Department and restock their shelves.

We also recently had a chance to partner with one of our sister Little Free Libraries https://www.facebook.com/bicyclingbunnyLFL/ and send several boxes of books to that https://www.facebook.com/KayNgitngitManLibrohanLittleFreeLibrary/ located in  Talisay, Cebu (Philippines).  We love what they are doing and how amazing these kids are!  Inspiring through reading!

June 2017

We had the privilege of being recognized by the Redland’s Police Department for our partnership with them and Hangar 24 to create the mobile book plane.   In their first event they distributed over 1,000 new books and have already placed an order for another batch of books!

We also installed two libraries that the Little Free Library had gifted during the LA Festival of Books 1) Galileo Academy 101; Warwick St; Victorville   2) Janelle Green & her family in South Los Angeles 90043 (only 1 of 3 registered in this zip code).   Love the opportunity to partner with littlefreelibrary.org and to continue to SEED THE BOOK DESERTS!

April 21-23 @ LA Festival of Books

Our team was busy volunteering for the entire weekend at LA Festival of Books with Todd Bol & Tony Bol of Little Free Library.  The team built 9 libraries and helped a girl scout troop build 2 libraries.  It was fund to hang out with Todd, Tony and many of the LA area stewards.

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We also get to install 3 more libraries that Little Free Library gifted to local LA organizations.  Additionally, we got to deliver 2 libraries to KCRW (and we filled them with new books).  Thanks to Jon Cohn @KCRW for being so awesome and excited about the libraries and books!


Being Stewards

The Literacy Club doesn't just build a library and leave it, we stay connected to each library and location. We are always ready to help with replenishing new books or doing maintenance to keep the library looking great so it can continue to inspire. Check out some of the recent restocking and maintenance the team has done.