June 2018

Over 600 books & a whole bunch of Book Heroes – CicLAVia June 24th

We had a great day handing out over 600 books to kids and having fun with so many of the kids who wanted to dress up and Be A Book Hero too!  We were exhausted at the end of the day, but everyone of the smiles on those kids faces makes it worth it every time.  Thanks to Councilwoman Nury Martinez for her support and commitment to literacy and we are looking forward to building 4 book boxes with her to be placed throughout her districts.




Bringing Rotary & Kiwanis Together For Literacy (May 2018)

Our team has been working for almost 3 years to make this project happen and it did on Friday May 11, 2018.  We partnered with Burbank Sunrise Rotary and Burbank Rotary Club  to build 4 amazing libraries.  They will be placed in 4 parks in Burbank (Mountain View Park , Vickroy Park, Lundigan Park & Johnny Carson Park).  The themes are:  Horse Barn, Aviation, Nature & Firetrucks.  Our master builder once again is knocking it out of the park on these book boxes!  We appreciate the help from all our volunteers from Kiwanis Literacy Club of Southern California and Kiwanis Club of Burbank Noon.

When it comes to inspiring children through literacy and seeding book deserts™ it doesn’t matter what your club name is (Rotary or Kiwanis), you



December 2017

Books & spreading some holiday cheer.  The team gave away over 1,000 books to several events and our co-founders once again pulled out the red suits and transformed into Santa & Mrs Claus.   Lots of smiles & hugs were had  by all and we look forward to even more next year.  This year we supported events at LAPD Van Nuys; LAPD Rampart; USC Public Safety Breakfast with Santa and Councilman Paul Krekorian’s Holiday Toy Drive.

October 2017

Halloween &  Seeding Book Deserts ™  we consider that a win (as well as a lot of fun!).  The team had an awesome time giving away lots of books and candy.  It’s our 3rd Annual Halloween Book Giveaway (we happen to also give away some candy!).   Whether they were wearing scary or fun costumes, it was lots of smiles & 100’s of happy people (kids and adults) who got a free book (or 2).

This year we partnered with Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council ( and gave away over 500 books in 3 hours!


September 2017

Did we mention that we LOVE  Seeding Book Deserts ™ !   We really do and thanks to ongoing partnership with Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council ( we were able to distribute even more books at local community events.  This last one the local city councilmember Paul Krekorian came out to help us celebrate community & literacy.  We were handing out books into the early evening …  we are always happy for any chance we get to invest in Literacy!

August 2017

The focus in August was all about Seeding Book Deserts ™ !  We partnered with some amazing organizations to help fund 5 pallets of books!  Thanks to Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council   and   Hangar 24 Charities  for their amazing donations.  With their help we were able to distribute over 4,000 books to kids.

Thanks to some awesome volunteers Emma Stone, Timo Kale, Christopher Pollard and Laurie Kaltenmeier we were able to sort through all the pallets and organize the books so they would be ready to distribute.

Next, we loaded up our truck and headed out to Redlands to restock the Mobile Book Trailer that we built for Redland’s Police Department.

Then the team decided to stop by Upland Police Department and restock their shelves.

We also recently had a chance to partner with one of our sister Little Free Libraries and send several boxes of books to that located in  Talisay, Cebu (Philippines).  We love what they are doing and how amazing these kids are!  Inspiring through reading!

June 2017

We got to seed the book deserts on June 10th handing out hundreds of new books to kids at the Van Nuys block party in District 2 (Council member Paul Krekorian) Los Angeles.

Van Nuys Block Party June 10 2017

We were glad to be invited to the Van Nuys block party in District 2 Los Angeles. Our second year handing out new free books to the neighborhood. It was held again at the corners of N Katherine Avenue and Archwood where the roundabout is. Hundreds of books were given away to kids and adults in the community. The remaining books we had we gave to LAPD Van Nuys Cadets LAPD Cadets to help stock the little free library we built for the station over two yeas ago.There was food, tie-dye tee shirts, Flavored Ice and even musical chairs for all. Great food and a bounce house too. We even saw a pet rooster!After the event there was an outdoor movie screening Disney’s Moana shown to the enjoyment of everyone. A big thank you to our volunteers, Christopher Pollard Burlinda Seals, Laurie Kaltenmeier Douglas Chadwick And Jean Chadwick for doing all the logistics.And a very special thanks to Sahag Yedalian for making so much of this happen and LA Council member @Paul Krekorian and the rest of his Staff too! Neighbors and the cadets did a great job of setting up and helping.There are more to thank for the event and apologize if I missed you.

Posted by The Literacy Club on Sunday, June 11, 2017

We had the privilege of being recognized by the Redland’s Police Department for our partnership with them and Hangar 24 to create the mobile book plane.   In their first event they distributed over 1,000 new books and have already placed an order for another batch of books!

We also installed two libraries that the Little Free Library had gifted during the LA Festival of Books 1) Galileo Academy 101; Warwick St; Victorville   2) Janelle Green & her family in South Los Angeles 90043 (only 1 of 3 registered in this zip code).   Love the opportunity to partner with and to continue to SEED THE BOOK DESERTS!


December 2016

We had the opportunity to represent for the “red suit” again this year.   It is another way we at The Literacy Club work to inspire and make a difference.  It is also a blast!

First we supported LAPD Rampart’s Holiday Toy Giveaway on December 21st.  We had a new edition of our very own elf. The Literacy Club donated several hundred books & some toys for the event as well.  Once again amazing, humbling and so rewarding.  We love working with the team at Rampart and this is our 3rd year supporting the event!

15590593_10154708318398449_2235562918880592561_n Rampart Thank You

Then we were asked to stop by on December 23rd at the San Gabriel Adult Daycare Center to hang out with some of the many people who call this place home during the day.  They were so awesome, we had a blast.  Some of the them sang songs, we took lots of pictures and even danced a bit!


Book Seeding  (June 2016)

Our master builder Douglas had a busy June book seeding libraries in the local area.  He visited over a dozen little libraries (some we built and some that other stewards had built) #bookseeding

pasadena june 2016 valley glen june 2016 Upland june 2016 Reseda june 2016

Back to School – Backpack Distribution (August 2016)

We partnered with LAPD Rampart Station to give out backpacks & shoes.  The Literacy Club’s Summer Fundraiser generated enough money to provide 60 backpacks filled with supplies for some kids in the Rampart area.  We also distributed 100’s of free brand new books to kids at the event.  It was a great day filled with smiles, hope and inspiration!

14034945_1609894769302997_8047791858018072732_n 14046152_1609894719303002_6129278973711803769_n

We had the opportunity to partner with Family Pride of Northeast Ohio and put together 35 backpacks filled with supplies and brand new books for some of the children Family Pride serves.  It was awesome to see their faces and to get a chance to provide a great start to a new school year for these kids.

ohio backpacks2  ohio backpacks


December 2015
LAPD Rampart Shoes From Santa Event – 12/16/15 & LA Red Shield Youth Event – 12/18/15
2015 santa

We were asked to represent for the red suits again this year and had an amazing time getting to hug and talk to 1000’s of kids from the inner city. This year the big man even arrived on the top of the LAFD Station 11 ladder truck. It was so much fun! The Literacy Club, through some amazing donations, was able to provide 100’s of books and games to give kids as a part of the event.

LA Red Shield Youth & Community Center (Salvation Army) Holiday Event – 12/18/15
This was the first year we were asked to represent for the red suits and we were blown away at how excited the kids were when the big man came around the corner ringing his bell. So many smiles, hugs and joy!

October 2015
Halloween Book Distribution – Sharing Books with other Library Stewards in Los Angeles. We decided that we would share our good fortune of getting a large shipment of Halloween kids books by offering them to LFL Stewards in the Los Angeles Area. We had several of them stop by and pick up books. It was so fun to meet everyone who came by: JoAnn May Motta, Suzi Hoge, Sara Weber, Joyce Tanaka, Carria Guerra (who even picked up books for another steward in her area Mia Villeta Alvardo), Viel Catig. Love that we could help spread some Halloween fun and chip away at book deserts in the area. We even shipped a few boxes to Stewards outside of Los Angeles!

August 31, 2015
A very nice THANK YOU from the Cleveland Police Dept for all Doug’s hard work in designing and creating the 4 libraries for both the Cleveland Police and Local FBI Office. #endbookdeserts #cultivatingcommunity #readingmatters #theliteracyclub #littlefreelibrary

July 18, 2015
Partnering with the Little Free Library ( we gave a library filled with books to Charles of Schools on Wheels and this will be placed at a shelter in the Los Angeles Area. #whatchareadin

June 2015
A special visit from Todd Bol the First Steward of Little Free Library resulted in a surprise library for the Lobby of USC Public Safety. Thanks to Chief Jon Thomas and Officer Elizabeth Carreno. It even included a visit from Margret Aldrich the author of the Little Free Library Book (and signed copies were gifted to all).

Christmas 2014
We represented for the man in the red suit by hugging, kissing and handing out toys and smiles to over 3500 children in the Los Angeles area. Even Chief Charlie Beck stopped by

In addition to building libraries and filling them with new books, The Literacy Club team is always looking for other opportunities to cultivate community and inspire the children in our communities. Whether it is representing the red suits during the holidays, handing out Easter baskets, distributing backpacks with supplies & shoes or sharing books with other stewards, we are passionate about optimizing the future every chance we get!