5 Little Dr Seuss Inspired Libraries in Denver (12/16/16)

Thanks to the team @Peace Jam who has supported our efforts to inspire one book at a time, that partnership opened the door for us to be invited to Denver to be a part of the WhiteWave Corp. holiday luncheon.  The company wanted to combine holiday celebrations with giving back to the local community.  We were 1 of 3 events that the employees participated in.  We brought 5 little libraries partially built and 1000’s of books.  The employees got to finish the libraries and sticker the books.  It was amazing, exhausting and wonderful to see such passion to create opportunity for kids in the Denver area.  The team worked incredible hard to get the libraries ready, drive them to Denver, oversee the event and then get home safe and sound through a couple of snow storms.

The libraries are going to be placed at locations in partnership with Denver Public Schools & Community Food Share.

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