Cat in The Hat – (Kiwanis Sacramento West – Riverbank Elementary (June 16, 2018)

Read, Here, Read, There, Read, Everywhere … We just installed one of the two (2) Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat themed Kiwanis book boxes in partnership with Kiwanis Sacramento West. This one went in front of Riverbank Elementary. The second one will go in from of West Moors Oaks very soon. What an amazing batch of book boxes as a part of our Be A Book Hero™ project. A big shout out to Douglas Chadwick and Christopher Pollard for driving the boxes & books up and doing the installation. Kate Blickle Lt Governor from Division 7 Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha District was at the unveiling and she was excited about the project and wants to do more. We LOVE MORE BOOKS!

As soon as we finished the unveiling two children from across the street came over and took books, several neighbors came by and thanked us for putting one in the neighborhood. They will be doing some landscaping around the area very soon.