Denver Area Installations (May 18-19 2017)

Our co-founder got on the road in May to install 4 libraries in the Denver area.  These were libraries we built for WhiteWave Corporation in December 2016 and finally got their homes.

On May 18 & 19th our master builder Douglas traveled to Denver and installed 4 of the libraries at several Denver Elementary Schools (Eagleton Elementary – One Fish, Two Fish; Cowell Elementary – Cat In The Hat; Florida Pitt Waller – Oh The Places You Will Go; Place Bridge Academy – What Pet Should I Get?).  There was a late winter storm, but we were able to get them all installed (inside & outside) before the weather got to bad!

Second batch of pictures from the 4 installations we did last week of these Dr. Seuss inspired libraries that Douglas Chadwick and Christopher Pollard created with the WhiteWave Foods team. We were able to partner with the Denver Public Schools and place them in 4 elementary schools in Denver. The teachers, principals and students loved them and we were so excited to see them placed and already being enjoyed! Jean Chadwick Kendall McCollum Burlinda Seals Sheryl Flanagan Chris Chadwick @Florida Pitt Waller School Place Bridge Academy

Posted by The Literacy Club on Wednesday, May 24, 2017