Our 2019 Literacy Gala in partnership with Kiwanis Literacy Club happens on April 13, 2019.  Thank you to all the donors who are donating to help us buy more books to give to children.


Toni & Vincent Espinoza; Douglas & Jean Chadwick; Kelly Pena’; Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer; CJ Milch & Carol DerryDiva Zumaya; Kathie DonnerDr. Bruce Lilly DDS; Terry Chadwick; Kathy Hutt – Burbank Noon Kiwanis












Thank you to all of the amazing people and organizations who believe in our mission and have contributed towards giving away new books to kids.  Their efforts have helped us give away over 100,000 new books to kids & create over 100 inspiration book boxes.    Thank for being a part of our Be A Book Hero™ project!














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Alana Gospodnetich Jonathan & Rie Lee Patricia Rebulard
Amber Chadwick Jorge & Janette Brea Quentin & Kendall McCollum
Donnie & Amy Chadwick Kathleen Clarkson Regina Chadwick
Amy Pugh Kay Farquhar Rex Lorenzo
Christopher Pollard James & Janis Farquhar Shannon McClatchey
Damien & Jayme Stednitz Kimberly Lee Shannon Shaw
Daniel Frankeberger Kimberly Terrill Sheryl Flanagan
David & Karen Frankeberger Kristin & Daniel Chadwick Sigrid Bullington
Dawn Martin Latha Chandanala Storme Gatson
Diane Casey Lauire Harris Fujimoto Sue Torf
Diane Cripe Laurie Kaltenmeier Susan Berger
Ellen Kanda LFL Winnetka Susan Solomon
Emmi Meyer Lisa Falbo The Galvin Family
Eve Maldonado Matt & Celena Chadwick The Suddabys
Gwendolyn Jacobsen Matthew & Catherine Adell Tracy Webster
Helen Huang Mesrope De Braal Val & Julie LaBarba
Isaac Taylor Nancy & Terry Elledge Wendy Guzman
Jane Tani Nicole Beaudoin Wendy Pennes
Jeffry Moxley Vincent & Toni Espinoza